Autonomy and socialization


Meals are a time of pleasure, exchange, and discovery of new tastes and textures for the children. Our team encourages the children to learn progressively and at their own pace how to eat independently with their own cutlery. Meals are also essential moments of community life to learn to wait one's turn, to listen to others, to say "thank you", "please", to wash one's hands before and after the meal. Each child brings his or her own meal. We have a refrigerator and a microwave oven for reheating food.

Diapers and cleanliness

Diapers must be changed with great respect for the child's body and as often as necessary. The condition of the child's skin should be constantly monitored and taken care of if necessary. Potty-learning is an important step in the child's physical and social development. Done gradually, without constraint and according to the maturity of each child and with the agreement of the parents, it becomes a welcome milestone, trauma free.

Emotional life and security

Self-esteem and self-regulation play an essential role in a child's development by giving him/her the strength to face the outside world. Each member of the staff knows how to encourage, whether by a look, a word, a hug or a reassuring gesture, so that each child feels loved and secure, but without taking the place of the parents. The school staff respects the periods of privacy when a child isolates himself, relaxes, dreams or plays alone. This free time is essential because it allows the child to develop his or her imagination, personality, and to cultivate his or her own gifts, thus facilitating the integration of what has been learned. Each child is unique and evolves at his own pace and it is important not to compare him to another child. A child may keep his or her blanket or toy, if he or she wishes, during the daycare period.