Why choose our school

  • An ideal, convenient, and easily accessible location in the center of Makati (Greenbelt 1)
  • A team of teachers with over 19 years of experience
  • A bilingual program (French and English) that allows your child to join a French school or to continue in an English-language school.

Both parents do not speak French

Perhaps you would like your children to experience another educational system and learn another language, so why not French! As you may already know, the French education system is well-known for its excellence and the worldwide network of French schools abroad is exceptionally well developed. Your children can benefit from the French curriculum from an early age, allowing them to continue to a French school. You may also like to vacation in France and practice this beautiful language with them, or simply learn more about French culture! We will provide you with the best in French education for international children.

You are a mixed family with one French-speaking parent

For blended families where one parent speaks French and the other English or another language, we understand how important it is to keep both languages active and alive. You probably want your child to mix with bilingual children and grow up in a multicultural environment. If they do, they can then continue their education in any French or English-language school, depending on your family's plans.

You are a family where both parents speak French

Like many French parents living abroad, we want to transmit our language and culture to our children. We also want to give them the opportunity to continue their studies in France or in any other French school abroad while following the same high-level curriculum.

Choosing to live abroad allows our children to grow up in an international environment, allowing them to discover a local culture as well as a diversity of nationalities. In this context, learning English from an early age is a major asset for the child's future.